Propel global engagement, customer satisfaction and retention with an innovative SDK Solution that adds effective messaging and voice functions into your mobile app.

Accelerate your App Engagement - Dime Inside

Add Voice and Messaging functionalities into your mobile applications, easy and ready to integrate.

Communicate with your customers. Engage, understand who they are, build trust and leave people a good feeling about your company and your service.

Compliant with ISO 27001 to ensure legal, physical, technical and information risk management controls.

Get to Know Us, Dime Inside

Dime Inside empowers the future of global engagement by providing an in-app Communication Software Development Kit (SDK) solution that adds Voice and Messaging functions to your enterprise mobile application.

Why Dime Inside SDK Solution?

Propel your Client Engagement to New Heights

Messaging Integration to your Mobile App

Voice Integration to your Mobile App

B2B2C Platform
  • Stable, Reliable proven platform used by million Users, thousand of businesses, lots of Operators
  • It's a service you can count on.
Highly Secure
  • Financial Level Ecryption
  • Complaint with ISO 27001
High Availability
  • 24/7 Elastic Cloud Infrastructure with proven availability > 99.9%
Easy to Deploy with full support during integration
  • Proven quick and easy to integrate by the developers.
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly UI for the costumers with full support from Consultants during integration
Low Cost Operation
  • Lower the cost of your operations
  • Join the millions of SDK in use
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Focus on your own core competence