Improve your online mobile banking and online payment platforms by providing an interactive messaging and voice features that your clients trust. Making it easier for customers to reach out, provide feedback, ask questions and clarifications with regards your services without requiring them to go to any of your bank branches.

Make transactions

Save your clients’ time and make their lives, simplified. With Dime Inside SDK Solutions, you can now integrate voice and messaging functions allowing your clients’ to ask, inquire and for you to provide assistance. An innovative communication solution that will help you win and dominate the mobile banking space.

Encourage Swift and Easy Sharing
of Banking Service Updates

Reach your existing clients and provide banking updates, important announcements as system upgrades, advisories and new banking service launch.


Customer trust evokes brand loyalty thus, faster conversion. Dime Inside messaging solutions will make you and your service easier to reach with issues easily resolved, enabling you to provide outstanding client experience, resulting to good reviews, reliable brand image and optimized profit.