Create your own style of learning interactivity by integrating an in-app Messaging and Voice functionalities, improving the user experience and interaction of online learners to your web-based learning platform.

Take Your Already
Powerful Learning
Tool to the Next Level

Consider how interaction supports the learning goals of your platform. Dime Inside makes your learning sessions more personalized. Provide practical guidance. Enable human to human, than human to computer learning sessions as online educators can share, receive and promptly respond to questions.

Get Your Learners
More Involved

Annihilate the typical online learning scenario by applying social functions to your platform. Allowing learners to leave and receive feedback, share and comment on contents and interact with online class makes learning a lot more exciting and synergistic.

Create Supportive
Learning Community

Chat and voice communications while learning online facilitates creative interaction between learners, allowing them to build a special learning network and study groups where each can feed the online class members their learning contributions.